Homeprice was originally formed to provide quality property & neighborhood data for a large nationwide mortgage banker. The problem was that important data was needed about a property before a lending decision could be made. The information that was wanted about a particular property in a particular neighborhood was spread out in numerous databases and courthouses across the Nation and there was no one place to go to get what was needed.

Homeprice was the solution. The Property Value Estimator provided information not only about the property itself but the surrounding area as well. Now intelligent decisions could be made about each individual property.

It was only logical that the general public could benefit from the Property Value Estimator and its additional modules as well.

Our goal is to provide you with information that is timely, accurate and informative. All reports are scrutinized for accuracy and integrity before they are released. Property Value Estimators take 24-48 hours to process because we treat each order individually and take pride in the product we deliver.

Good luck with your Property Value Estimator report. May it give you the same kind of peace of mind it has to our corporate clients.

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